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These are my various Youtube post on politics, and economics unrelated to econometrics and mathematical economics tutorials.


Why Are Intellectuals Ineffective Politicians?

August 11, 2021

This video basically explains why people with very high and advanced intellects fail to be effective politicians. Indeed, intellectuals are not effective politicians because they only rely on their intellect to become elected whereas logos is the least important factor in electoral politics. Politicians with a great ability to acquire and conserve political power are those who know how to use pathos and ethos to their advantage because voters care more about being connected to their leaders rather than their level of intellect. Lastly, this video argues that intellectuals in politics confuse politics with policy while the two are not the same, and this confusion is one of the reasons why they fail to not relate to a general audience.

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Why Generational Poverty perpetuates in the Black Community?

April 30, 2022

Generational poverty has been associated with Black people and Black culture in America because Blacks have the lowest income per income. Many people have argued that generational poverty is perpetuating in the Black community because of the legacy of slavery and institutional racism. This video argues the opposite. This video argues that generational poverty is not based on the legacy of slavery or racism but on hood culture and the victimhood mentality that prevents the Black community from moving forward socioeconomically.

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